Mass Tourism and the Contradictions


Mass tourism has the potential of producing into something similar to a global phenomenon. Today mass travel and leisure can be signified by the skyscrapers sprouting up everywhere, possibly in the remote control wilderness of some countries. It has become a worldwide phenomenon and mass travel and leisure are fast catching up amongst many people coming from all ages. In the developed countries like UK and USA tourists are recorded the increase day-by-day. Many people blame this rise on the truth that there are even more destinations which may be considered as the best tourist destinations.

Mass tourism gets the potential to be highly local. The modern tourist gaze is extremely spatially polarized. The modern tourist gaze primarily recognizes places and things which can be accessible only a few kilometres away from town or perhaps city by which they are located. Such regional signposting as a result trademarks a very small number of tourist destinations when sustainable technique of mass travel and leisure.

One important challenge meant for the travel and leisure management is normally its trend to focus on extremely popular tourist destinations. A very popular destination becomes a potential ‘scorched earth’ whether it is visited by a very few people. Therefore any attempts at sustainable tourism will be almost impossible because any attempts at creating balance will simply be not possible. The additional major difficult task is that the advancement lasting tourism jobs will be very expensive. Any energy to manage mass tourism will be needing an huge amount of investment in infrastructure and resources.

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